Are You Ready for Election Day?

Review this Election Day voter checklist to help your Election Day go smoothly.


  • Are you registered to vote? State law requires that residents be registered to vote in Florida at least 29 days before an election. To register for a future election, download a Voter Registration Application or pick up an application at your nearest elections office, public library or tax collector office
  • Is your address and other voter information on file current? Have you moved or changed your name? Call (727) 464-VOTE (8683) to make an address change within the state. Or, use the Address Change Form or a Voter Registration Application to make updates. Changes can be made on Election Day, but updating your information prior to Election Day will help you avoid delays at the polls. 
  • NEW LAW - Effective January 1, 2014, mail/absentee ballot voting and ballot pickup and voting in Supervisor of Elections Offices on Election Day is only permitted in the case of an emergency. A voter or voter's designee must sign an affidavit affirming that the voter is unable to go to his/her polling place on Election Day due to an emergency and provide the reason for the emergency.
  • Do you know where your polling place is? Your polling place for a county election may be different than your polling place for a municipal election. Use the Find Your Precinct to confirm your polling place. Note: If you have moved, be sure the Elections Office has your new address to avoid delays at the polls. You are required by law to vote in your new precinct.
  • Do you know when to vote? Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Be sure to allow enough time to arrive before the polls close.  
  • Do you know the candidates and/or issues on your ballot?  View a sample ballot for the upcoming Election or click on Find Your Precinct to view the ballot specific to your precinct. (Note: This feature only operates when there is a current upcoming election for your precinct.)
  • Do you need assistance voting? You may either bring someone to assist you or poll workers will be available to assist you at the polling place. Florida law requires some paperwork to be completed if assistance is required at the polls. If you have questions, call (727) 464-VOTE (8683).
  • Do you need to use ADA-accessible voting equipment? The AutoMark ballot marking device is available for voters with disabilities or special needs - featuring an audio headset, zoom in/zoom out, background contrast, touch screen, Braille keypad, two-switch paddle, or sip-and-puff accessories.
  • Do you have valid picture and signature ID? Be sure to bring it with you to avoid delays. If you do not have identification, you may vote a provisional ballot and a Canvassing Board will later determine your eligibility.
  • Did you request a mail ballot and decide to vote at the polls instead? Bring your mail ballot kit with you to the polls and ask a poll worker to cancel it so you may vote at the polling place. If you do not bring your unused mail ballot kit, a poll worker will need to confirm that your ballot has not been received.
  • Do you know where to find election results? Right here on our Web site home page - look for a link to "Election Results" on the front page of the Web site on Election Day to view real-time results election night.
  • View What to Expect at the Polls video, photo page and other information about the optical scan voting system

QUESTIONS? Call (727) 464-VOTE (8683)

  • Florida is a closed primary state. Only voters registered with a political party may vote in that party's primary. ALL registered voters may vote in nonpartisan school board and judicial contests.