• Republicans:221,956
  • Democrats:226,401
  • Others:184,848
  • Total:633,205


Sergeant First Class Russell J. Kelsey

Branch of Service: United States Army

Years of Military Service: 20

Specialties: Combat Engineer instructor, M16 Rifle Range Non-Commissioned Officer In-Charge and Instructor, Demolition Expert

Foreign Countries Where Veteran Was Stationed: 144th Signal Battalion 4th Army Division in Goppingen, Germany and 1st Aviation Battalion in Vietnam

Medals/Honors Received: National Defense Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Conduct Medal, Good Conduct Medal 2nd Award, Army Achievement Medal, Army Accommodations Medal, 3 year Army Reserves Medal, 10 year Army Reserves Medal

Highlights of Military Service:  Served in Vietnam, having the opportunity to travel, being able to train hundreds of soldiers, met my wife while on active duty in Europe, learning about other cultures and meeting different people, flew in Bell UH-1 Iroquois Helicopters (Hueys) in Vietnam, built bridges, laid minefields, set up demolition, set up communications.                                                                                                                 

Why it is important to vote: “The right to vote is the greatest gift this country can give you. It is the foundation of all that makes us magnificent. Without people taking the time to vote, we would have no government to govern the people, no economic structure. We would have no laws to live by or a judicial system to judge us. We would have no roads, no schools, and no parks. If people did not vote we would have no basic freedoms; the freedom to speak, assemble, press, religion, and express our grievances to our lawmakers. The future of our country is up to the voter, and it is up to our youth. Do your duty as a citizen and VOTE! 

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