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City of St Petersburg

Charter Amendment 

Applying Current Ten-Year Lease Limitation for “Pier Building” to Entire Overwater Structure

The City Charter currently provides a ten-year lease limitation for the “Pier Building” on the City Park and Waterfront Map. Shall the Charter be amended to apply that ten-year lease limitation to the entire overwater structure east of the Pier Parking Area and Spa Beach parcels on that map, including the overwater portion of the St. Pete Pier™? This amendment would not affect existing protections for any parcel of land, including Spa Beach.


Referendum Question

Authorizing Amendment of Harborage Marina Lease to Expand Scope of Leased Premises and Extend Term

May City Council approve an amendment to the lease of submerged lands at Harborage Marina subject to conditions set forth in ordinance 336-H? These conditions include: lessee must, at its expense, construct new dock up to 200' long and upgrade certain electrical systems; City assumes ownership of those improvements at end of lease; scope of leased premises expanded to accommodate new dock; and expiration date extended up to 30 years from date of amendment.