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Voter Information Card

voter card

To request a replacement voter information card you will need to do one of the following:

  • Mail your request to:

    Deborah Clark
    Supervisor of Elections
    13001 Starkey Road
    Largo FL 33773

Be sure to include your name, date of birth and current in-county residence address; then sign your request.

Supervisor of Elections Offices
Tax Collector Offices
Public Assistance Offices
Disability Offices
Public Libraries 

In addition to the state-mandated registration agencies listed above, the following locations keep registration applications available but are not authorized to accept completed applications. 

City Halls and Town Halls
Chambers of Commerce

Please note, you do not need your voter information card with you in order to vote. Voter Information Cards are provided for informational purposes. They provide useful information such as your precinct, party affiliation and voting districts.