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November 6, 2018 General Election


TOTAL: 666,876          REPUBLICAN: 235,001          DEMOCRAT: 237,943          NPA/OTHERS: 193,932


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Offices up for Election in 2018

Candidates for federal, state and multicounty offices qualify with the Division of Elections: http://dos.elections.myflorida.com/candidates/


United States Senator
Rick Scott (REP)
Bill Nelson (DEM)
Lateresa L.A. Jones (WRI)
Howard Knepper (WRI)
Michael S. Levinson (WRI)
Charles Frederick Tolbert (WRI)
David Weeks (WRI)

Representative in Congress
District 12
Gus Michael Bilirakis (REP)
Chris Hunter (DEM)
Angelika Purkis (NPA)

District 13
George Buck (REP)
Charlie Crist

Governor / Lt. Governor
Ron DeSantisJeanette Nunez (REP)
Andrew Gillum / Chris King (DEM)
Darcy G. Richardson / Nancy Argenziano (REF)
Kyle "KC" GibsonEllen Wilds (NPA)
Ryan Christopher Foley / John Tutton Jr (NPA)
Bruce Stanley / Ryan Howard McJury (NPA)
Piotr Blass / Paul Edward Harju (WRI)
Hal Johnson / Tim Hayes (WRI)

Attorney General
Ashley Moody (REP)
Sean Shaw (DEM)
Jeffrey Marc Siskind (NPA)

Chief Financial Officer
Jimmy Patronis (REP)
Jeremy Ring (DEM)
Richard Paul Dembinsky (WRI)

Commissioner of Agriculture
Matt Caldwell (REP)
Nicole "Nikki" Fried (DEM)

State Senator
District 16
Ed Hooper (REP)
Amanda Murphy (DEM)

District 24
Jeff Brandes (REP)
Lindsay Cross (DEM)

State Representative 
District 64
James Grant (REP)
Jessica Harrington (DEM)
Andy Warrener (NPA)

District 65
Chris Sprowls (REP)
Sally A. Laufer (DEM)

District 66
Nick DiCeglie (REP)
Alex Heeren (DEM)

District 67
Chris Latvala (REP)
Dawn C. Douglas (DEM)

District 69
Ray Blacklidge (REP)
Jennifer Webb (DEM)

Supreme Court Justice (Retention)
Alan Lawson

District Court of Appeal (Retention)
Anthony K. Black
Darryl C. Casanueva
Edward C. LaRose
Susan H. Rothstein-Youakim

Circuit Judge, 6 Circuit, Group  4
Dave Ellis
Roxanne Fixsen


Board of County Commissioners
District 6 - Single Member

Kathleen Peters (REP)
Amy Kedron (DEM)

School Board Member 
District 2 - At Large
Lisa N. Cane
Jeff Larsen

School Board Member 
District 3 - At Large
Nicole Carr
Peggy O'Shea

School Board Member 
District 6 - Single Member
Bill Dudley
Matt Stewart

East Lake Tarpon Special Fire Control District
Seat 2
Maryellen Crowder
Tom McKone
Tom "Steve" McQueen
Peter Nehr

East Lake Tarpon Special Fire Control District
Seat 4

Randy Burr
Tom May

Lealman Special Fire Control District
Seat 4
Gary Coffman
Rebecca Harriman

Palm Harbor Special Fire Control and Rescue District
Seat 2
Patrick Bengston
Julie Peluso


City of Dunedin
Commissioner, Seat 4
(Vote for One)
Jeff Gow
John Tornga

City of Seminole
Council Member
(Vote for up to Two)
Chris Burke
Dan Hester
Tom Marrah
Trish Springer
Kelly Wissing 

The following municipality CANCELED it's election
because the number of qualified candidates did not exceed
the number of offices up for election:


Please check with your municipality for candidate information.

12 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

City of Clearwater
City of Madeira Beach
City of St. Petersburg
City of St. Pete Beach
Town of Redington Beach
City of Tarpon Springs