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Find Your Precinct and View Your Precinct-Specific Sample Ballot

Use this Precinct Finder to view your current voting precinct and polling place, as well as a listing of elected officials/voting districts in your precinct. You may also view your precinct-specific sample ballot and other election-related information for the next election (when available). View current elected officials

Enter your house number and street name in the appropriate fields below to locate your Election Day polling place.

Directions for use:

  1. Enter your house number
  2. Type in your street name
    You do not need to enter the direction or street type. Example: If you live on East Bay Drive, type in Bay
  3. Select your street name from the list that appears
    • You cannot copy and paste the address. It must be typed in.
    • If your information does not appear after selecting your street from the list, click the submit button