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Partners at the Polls

How many cookies would you have to bake...how many cars would you have to wash...to bring nearly $1,800 into your treasury?

Let the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections’ Partners at the Polls program help you fund your community project. Partners at the Polls is a unique opportunity to build lasting partnerships for successful elections.

Groups in many communities are raising funds for projects and scholarships by becoming Partners at the Polls with their Supervisor of Elections. Your group can work as poll workers on Election Day, and your organization may receive payment in one check to benefit your special projects!

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How does it work?

Any nonpartisan group – community organizations, band boosters, drama clubs, houses of worship, fraternal organizations, sororities and fraternities, youth sports boosters and parents, charities and nonpartisan organizations – can participate by committing a number of their members to work the polls on Election Day.

By partnering with the Supervisor of Elections, your group will be supporting democracy while raising funds ranging from $115 to $190 per person (plus $10 per class), depending on the position each person is selected to fill. The more group members who participate, the bigger the check your organization will receive!

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Who can be a poll worker?

Registered voters and individuals who have pre-registered to vote can be poll workers. Poll workers must read and write English. They must attend at least one poll worker training session. (Additional classes are required for some positions.)

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What do poll workers do?

  • Clerk - Oversees all operations at the polling place; has added responsibilities prior to Election Day, such as contacting all the workers in that precinct and picking up the supplies; sets up voting equipment; assists voters required to vote a provisional ballot; and has additional responsibilities after polls close.  
  • Assistant Clerk - Assists the precinct clerk with voter eligibility phone calls, paper work, and other duties as specified by the clerk.  Serves as backup for other precinct positions.  
  • Machine Manager - Assists in setting up voting equipment prior to election day; handles the technical support requirements of the voting equipment; assists voters; and has additional responsibilities after polls close.
  • Ballot Distribution Manager - Responsible for auditing ballots; distributing ballots to voters; and reconciling vote totals with the number of ballots distributed.
  • Inspector - Determines voter eligibility; asks voters to sign precinct registers; and assists in the closing of the precinct.
  • Precinct Deputy - Maintains order at the polling place; helps in the setup and closing of the precinct, designates the no political activity area, and ensures the polling place is ADA compliant.

Higher pay is commensurate with more responsibilities.

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How much can my organization make?

Similar programs in other Florida counties have allowed community organizations to fund scholarships, mission trips, band trips, community projects and building improvements while earning more in one day than they would have with other activities. For example, 10 group members working as poll workers on Election Day could earn an average of $1,775 for their organization. Add up the savings in time: Band boosters might have to sell about 3,500 candy bars at $1 each or 440 cakes at $4 each during a bake sale to earn the same amount. Subtract the hassles of managing inventory and accounting for each item sold, and you’ll get a winning equation by taking part in Partners at the Polls!

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Who can participate?

Nonpartisan organizations can apply to become Partners at the Polls. Members must abide by all Florida state laws and election office procedures for poll workers, including proper attire without political messages and not advocating for or against any candidate or ballot issue. Poll workers can count on a long day, which starts at 5:45 a.m. (or earlier at some locations) and will not end until about an hour after the polls close at 7 p.m. Poll workers may not leave the polling place during Election Day hours and must bring all food and any medications with them. A training session of at least three hours is mandatory for all poll workers (compensation for attending poll worker classes is included in the Election Day check).  After-hours and weekend classes are available. Poll workers must make a firm commitment to being available to work on Election Day! 

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How do we get started?

Call the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections’ Poll Worker Department at (727) 464-6110, or send an email to pollworker@votepinellas.com.

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