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Election Worker Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming an election worker. To get started, please complete the following application and then click CONTINUE to apply for a position as an election worker.

If you have any trouble with this form, please call our office at 727-464-6110 for assistance. Thank you.

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Poll Worker (Election Day)

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By clicking on the SEND button below, I certify that the above answers are true, that I have read and understand the above requirements, that I have no physical limitations that would hinder my performance as an election worker, and that I can read and write the English language as required by Florida Statute.
Please Note: After completing this application, you will become part of our pool of prospective election workers. Election workers may not be selected to work every election. Election workers are chosen to work based on their availability, experience, willingness to travel, and the number of workers needed. The election workers needed for a specific election is determined by the type of election and the anticipated election day turnout.
Information submitted on this application is subject to Florida public records law.
Please review your application. To submit, click the SEND button.